Membership Process

1. Wanumetonomy Share of Capital Stock
a.  You must obtain a Share of Wanumetonomy Stock and keep the share in your name as long as you hold your membership.
b.  If you do not own a share there is a list of shareholders who are willing to sell their share(s). This list can be sent to you upon request.
c.  When you find a seller and agree to a price you must do the following:The Shareholder (Seller) must fill out a Share Transfer form and sign it in the presence of a witness. This form is passed on to you. You will then fill in your information. You may put as many names on a share as you would like. (Example- if your spouse may join in the future you may want to have his/her name on the share – if you do it at a later date there is a fee for the Transfer.
  1. In 2007, a Stock split resulted in all Shares doubling. If the Share you are obtaining is the only one left under that Share Number you must get the original share and present it with your Share Transfer form. If the owner has 2 Shares and is only selling one you only need to hand in the Share Transfer form.
  2. Present the following to the Secretary at Wanumetonomy (Peter Dugan).
    1. Share Transfer Form
    2. Original Share if it is the last of a Number
    3. A check for $50.00 for members or $100.00 for non-members
  3. A new Share will be made out in the name requested on the Share Transfer form.
2.  Application
a.  Once your Share is secured an Application will be sent to you upon request.
b.  Fill out the Application completely and return it to the Secretary at Wanumetonomy. Be sure to get 2 signatures of Stockholding Members. (may not be Board members)
c.  An interview will be set up with the Membership Committee.
  1. The interview will consist of a group meeting with other prospective members and the Membership Committee. Each individual will then meet separately with a member of the Membership Committee. The Interview lasts no longer than an hour. Please be sure to ask any questions you may have.
3. Posting
a.  All new applicants have their name posted on the Wanumetonomy Website as well as the Clubhouse Bulletin Board for 10 Days. This allows Members to review the new applicants for membership and give their opinion to the Board of Directors if a person is not a worthy applicant.
b.  The Board of Governors will vote on all new members presented by the Membership Committee. This will take place at the Board of Governors meeting.
c.  Upon acceptance by the Board of Governors, the Secretary will send an acceptance letter as well as a make a phone call informing the applicant of the results of the meeting.